Studio Quality Albums

Handcrafted, luxury photo albums that showcase your memories in a truly elegant way.

Easy in 3 Steps


Upload Photos

Upload the photos you would like to use. If using Monarch Design, you can upload all of your photos and have us choose the story for your album or send us about 3-4 pictures per spread.


Design Layouts

You can use our album builder software to design your layout or have Monarch Designers design the layout of your album. Overall, we believe in delivering a personalized touch to your albums, so Monarch Designers do not use any pre-built templates and/or software in our design.



Our albums are studio quality albums that are normally accessible to a professional photographer. We believe in giving the end-consumer all of the available options that you would have if you were to purchase through a photography studio.
Check out our album builder for these customizations such as gilding, imprinting, page thickness and style, spine shape, and more.

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About Monarch Books

Monarch Books is a small business located in the USA. We do not outsource or automate any of the album creation process.

Since the digital age has overtaken the industry, typically you are given a USB drive or access to your digital files for download only. Albums are just not offered anymore, especially studio quality and handcrafted albums. We believe in presenting your memories with a personalized touch that mass-produced and outsourced book manufacturers just cannot do. We want to share our tradition and expertise directly with the end-consumer that is otherwise not available unless through a professional photography studio.

Monarch Books wants to bring your digital photos out of the cloud and into your hands physically. These heirloom traditions are passed down through families to remember our joyful moments in life.


Monarch Book

The Monarch Book is a fully customizable album that can feature crystal photo covers, leather covers, and/or linen covers. All Monarch albums can include decorative elements such as gilding, imprinting, pinstripe edges, and many other options! All albums are handcrafted to preserve your memories.

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Fine Art Album

The Fine Art Album features a photo cover encased in a crystal display box wrapped in matching textile.

The spine has a minimalist look, and the pages are thin giving the album a modernized appearance. All of Monarch albums are created to commemorate special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, or family portraits, and are treasured as keepsakes for generations to come.

Benefits of Using Our Service

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- Designed, curated, manufactured in the great state of New York - Led by the knowledge of four generations - Cared for by the strong bonds of our teammates
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- Intuitive design - Automated layouts - Maximized customization
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- One-on-one design - Complete satisfaction - Color conscious designs - Theme catered layouts
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- Mounted prints - Professional photo paper - Imported Italian textiles - Generational durability - Fully customizable - Made from the heart

Why Monarch Books

The typical process for acquiring a studio quality album involves going to a photographer to make you an album, and then they outsource the process to an album manufacturer for a price markup that is passed onto you. Skip that markup and come to the album manufacturer yourself!

We make the process easy and efficient delivering the highest possible quality that is typically only available to professional photographers. We can walk you through the album building and ordering process!

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