Frequently Asked Questions

It takes about one week to handcraft your album once your design is approved by you.

It depends on the number of spreads you want. A spread is your edge-to-edge photo that we make into two pages, so one spread is equal to two pages. We recommend sending about 2-6 photos per spread (i.e. for 15 spreads = 30 pages, send approximately 60-70 photos).

Yes. We will use black paper to end your album with.

Of course! Send us your entire event photos through your online cloud platform or your photographers link, and we can pick them out for you! We just need to know the number of spreads/pages you want.

It depends on the event and number of photos you want to display. If you’re having trouble choosing, call us today, and we will guide you through the album ordering process!

Monarch Designers take about 2-4 days to get your first design to you.

You get three rounds of edits for your album design.

We use an album proofing website that will allow you to flip through your album and add comments to each spread. It will also show you where the book will close, so you can see correct photo placement to ensure no faces are in the middle. You can conveniently do this on your phone.

Paper weight is measured in thousandths of inches, which is referred to as points. We use 18pt thickness for the thin pages (0.018 inches thick) and 36pt thickness for the thick pages (0.036 inches thick).

We print solely on photographic paper for the highest quality results. We use Fujifilm Super PDN professional photo paper. This is Fujifilm’s longest lasting paper that delivers true-to-life color. The finish of the paper is luster.

It depends if it is a designed photo cover, or if the cover is leather/linen bound. For a designed photo cover, you can virtually use any font available on your computer. Check out our Personalization page for some fonts we like to use.

If it is leather/linen bound, we use a heated press that will imprint the cover. We have several fonts that you can view on the Personalization page.

We create albums that can be fully customized to your needs.If you are not seeing an option on our website, call and let us know what you are looking for.

We are conveniently located in New York, USA. We do not outsource any part of the album creation process.

Call us today to discuss. Since we stand by our products 100%, we typically have you ship it back to us and fix it for you.

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We welcome your inquiries and feedback at Monarch Books, your go-to destination for creating stunning online photo albums. Whether you have questions about our design process, need assistance with an order, or simply want to share your experience, our dedicated team is here to assist you promptly and efficiently.


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